2015 Fallowfield Alpacas Show Results

Thursday 9th of April 2015

We have always insisted that you don't have to have a large commercial herd of alpacas to excel in the show ring. It's all about buying the right breeding stock initially and choosing stud services carefully. This is the mantra that we have always followed and has stood us in good stead over the years.

We only have a small herd of alpacas, but we are willing to sell any one of them. Our show results for 2015 are testimony to our breeding decisions.

BAS National Show 2015

Fallowfield Livia - 4th place Intermediate White Female

Fallowfield Alicia - 3rd Junior Light Female

Fallowfield Octavian - 5th place Adult White Male

Fallowfield Orlando - 1st Junior Light Male & Reserve Champion Light Male

NWAG 2015

Fallowfield Livia - 2nd place Intermediate White Female

Fallowfield Alicia - 1st place & Champion Light Female alpaca

Fallowfield Petros - 1st place Junior Male Fawn

Fallowfield Orlando - 2nd place Junior Light Male

Fallowfield Octavian - 1st place Adult White Male


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